“Adventures of Darlene” – Darlene is sweet and well-meaning, but alas, she is a sentence-finisher. Much to the chagrin of everyone around her. Like a memorable SNL character, Darlene’s mis-Adventures will make you laugh.

Enjoy the teaser below.



“Apartment Detectives” – We’re on your case.

“Apartment Detectives”

Produced by Kia Hellman, Cary Tusan & Nirvana Adams
Written by Cary Tusan
Directed by Nirvana Adams
Director of Photography – Ted Hayash
Editor – Libya El-Amin
1st Camera Assistant – Elizabeth Derstine
Swing – Jacob Fisher
Gaffer – Javaun Crane-Bonell
Script Supervisor – Andrea Rojas
Boom Operator – Cary Tusan
Still Photographer – Lily Kravets

Lisa – Kia Hellman
Kim – Bonnie Kolber
Amanda – Diona Elise Burnett
Ray – Hugh Mason

Special Thanks:
Digital Film Studios
Andrew Cholerton

© 2016 Hellsan Productions

“Meander Mobile Cares” – Way too much.

“Meander Mobile Cares”

Director – Cary Tusan
Writer – Cary Tusan
Producers – Kia Hellman, Cary Tusan
Director of Photography – Remsen Allard
Editor – Alison Tusan

Salesperson – Kia Hellman
Man – Albert Stroth
Woman – Jacey Margolis

Boom Operator – Parker Lawrenson
Still Photographer – Lily Kravets
Helper Extraordinaire – Nirvana Adams

Special Thanks:
Chase Pletts
Albert Stroth
Tina Desiree-Berg

@ 2016 Hellsan Productions

“Emergency Operator” – We know your emergency.

“Emergency Operator”

Director – Nirvana Adams
Writer – Cary Tusan
Producers – Nirvana Adams, Kia Hellman and Cary Tusan
Director of Photography – Ted Hayash
Editor – Andrew Cholerton

Kia Hellman as Darlene
Michael Shamus Wiles as Gary
Tina-Desiree Berg as Caller 1
Cory Gluck as Caller 2 & 3

Boom Operator – Cary Tusan
Production Assistant – Terry Hagerty

Special Thanks:
Maytal Gilboa
Digital Film Studios

© 2016 Hellsan Productions

“Love Clouds” – One thing clouds love like nothing else.

“Love Clouds”

Director – Chase Pletts
Writers – Kia Hellman, Chase Pletts and Cary Tusan
Producers – Chase Pletts and Cary Tusan
Director of Photography – Ian Campbell
Editor – Shannon Lynch

Alex Alcheh as Guy
Taylor Elyse Kenney as Girl
Liz Forcier as Girl’s Friend
Tony Cavallo as Girl’s Friend’s Boyfriend
Elsie Choi & Ben Sharony as Park Couple
Lily Kravets as Park Person

Boom Operator – Cary Tusan
Still Photographer – Lily Kravets
Production Assistant – Kia Hellman
Helper Extraordinaire – Elise Choi

Music – J.S. Bach, Bourree I
Music – Mozart, Overture to The Marriage of Figaro

Special Thanks:
Nirvana Adams
Tina-Desiree Berg
Elsie Choi
Screaming Broccoli

© 2016 Hellsan Productions

Photo Credit: Lily Kravets Photography